Community Advocate

  • Advocates for Community Transformation (Act)
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Jul 27, 2023
Full time Nonprofit-Social Services

Job Description

Act is seeking personable, tenacious, and self-motivated individuals to serve as Community Advocates, (“CA”) who can help drive Act’s legal casework forward by engaging clients and resolving casework through initiating and sustaining community relationships with a variety of stakeholders.

Faith and Justice Anchor. CAs must possess a deep relationship with Jesus Christ, a passion for Biblical justice and racial equity, a teachable spirit, and a humble desire to collaborate with a diverse team.

Tenacious Connector. CAs help to re-build social cohesion in the communities we serve. This will entail building strong working relationships with local police, city officials, neighborhood leaders and other non-profits, so that all together we can equip neighbors to fight crime on their street.

Data Analyzer & Strategist. This position serves Dallas-Fort Worth communities by researching open records and internal data sets to find the most effective and efficient ways to meet potential clients and then introduce them to Act’s ministry and legal model. CAs must demonstrate tenacity, curiosity and strong interpersonal and problem-solving skills. They will also demonstrate a mature ability to take calculated risks and initiatives to meet goals set by their team and clients.

Strong Communicator. This position also serves the rest of Act staff by working cross-departmentally to aid in the telling of casework narratives and making connections with community members. This position serves staff and volunteer attorneys by work-flowing casework, consistent engagement with clients, keeping casework updated, translating attorney/client communications, and seeing cases through to their resolution. Most importantly, this position serves our clients by listening to them well.

Education and Experience: Excellent communication, cross-cultural experience, and community building skills are essential. Investigative and data research skills are necessary. Experience in sales, client relations management or missionary work is preferable. Spanish/English fluency is preferable. User knowledge of CRM platforms, like Salesforce, and project management platforms, like Slack and Trello, is beneficial.

About Act: Act is a Christian, legal non-profit working to make neighborhood safety a normal reality for everyone. To do this, we equip underserved residents to fight crime on their street using the justice system. We seek to cultivate a culture of freedom and responsibility that yields effective results from our team members. We value building a team that is committed to diversity, equity & inclusion.  Act currently serves in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The organization operates as a 501(c)3 with 30+ full-time employees and a $4 million-dollar annual budget.

Work Requirements: Must reside in the Dallas area and have the capability to work in-person at our Dallas Headquarters and occasionally travel to Fort Worth.

Compensation & Benefits: We do our best to set our team members up for success. We value our employees and want to ensure sustainability and longevity in their time with Act. Employees receive a competitive salary that is commensurate with their experience and level of education. Please visit the Join Our Team page for details on our competitive benefits package, like our unlimited PTO and paid parental leave.

How to Apply: The Applicate Deadline is September 1st. We will not schedule interviews until September 1st. Please complete the online application found on our website.  The application requires a Statement of Faith. A Statement of Faith should describe your Christian faith and include a description of your spiritual disciplines (i.e., prayer, study, etc.) and your current place of worship. If you have questions, please send an email to


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